Pete Takes Flight

by FA Pete Mitchell

After 7 days of hands on work and a lot of frustration, Pete had finally finished rewiring and piping his TIE Maverick in a neat, orderly fashion. It was time to try it out. Pete closed the right rear engine hatch where had been working and climbed around to the cockpit with his diagnostic pad.

With a little hesitation and nervousness, Pete punched in his access code and hit the start button. The engines and systems hummed to life immediately and smoothly. He checked through everything on the diagnostic pad, and everything checked out. "Phew. Time to get cleaned up." Pete said to himself.

After a shower and a meal, Pete came back to his TIE in his flight suit. He jumped in, fired it up, and shot out of the hangar. He kept his diagnostic pad connected, went through a few quick maneuvers, and looked at the pad. No issues, yet. He changed all the settings he could from his gravity compensators to laser power, shields, targeting, climate control, autopilot, and put it all through its paces. Still no issues after taking many laps around the Challenge. Pleased, Pete figured it was time for a bit more testing in closer to combat scenarios.

Back in his office, Pete called up VA Hav Antiel, Commodore of the Warrior and designer of his new TIE. "Hav, I finally fixed all the bugs in your design, I think."

Hav's hologram looked down to the ground and to his right. "Good news, Sir. Sorry about that."

"It's ok, it was somewhat fun. It is one heck of a ship, though. I thank you for that. It's time for combat testing, though. Wrestle up the wing so there is plenty of security, and let's do a few exercises."

"Sounds good, Sir, but we are actually in the middle of Plif's Squadron (Re)Mobilization drills. I cannot get away from that now, but you could join us for testing purposes. It wouldn't count for anything, but it would be a good test of your ship's limits."

"Sounds like a plan, Hav! I'll be over there tomorrow to get started. At least send my escort squadron, just in case I need a tow."

"Aye, aye, Sir!"