Pete Gets Injured

by FA Pete Mitchell

Pete landed his TIE Guardian in the hangar bay of his last ship and the TIE Corps Flagship, the ISDII Warrior. When he exited, VA Hav Antiel and LC Nile Rosenau were waiting for him. "Welcome Fleet Admiral!"

"Thanks Hav. It's good to see you again! And same to you Rosenau! Congrats again on taking command of Theta!"

"Thank you, Sir. It's an honor."

"Well, since we've got a new Commander, let's see what Theta can do. I'll see you in the Briefing room."

"Roger, see you in 15."

In the briefing room, things were pretty standard. Pete stood in the back and listened. "We have the honor of the TIE Corps Commander joining us for our training exercises today to see what we can do. We'll start with the standard drills, then we'll see how we do against FA Mitchell and VA Antiel. Finally, we will step up the challenge with Sin Squadron joining in. Keep aware of your surroundings out there and communicate!"

Pete was back in his TIE Guardian observing the last of Theta's drills before he and Hav joined in. Rosenau called in over the radio, "Admirals, we are ready for you."

"Roger, coming in hot!" Pete and Hav hit the throttle and shot out towards the furball that was Theta at the moment. Pete quickly observed the squad forming into 6 loose pairs.

"This won't be easy." Pete commented to Hav over the radio. "On the count of 3, break right. 1, 2, 3!"

Pete broke left while Hav went right. 4 Theta ships followed each of them, while another 4 hung back. Pete and Hav swung around and back towards each other. As they approached each other, they started rolling and firing in a synchronized motion and each took "out" a couple of Theta pilots following the other. Then, then other 4 Thetans that were hanging back swooped in and took both of them "out".

"Alright, at least you guys can handle 2 on 12!" Pete said. Just then a couple alarms went off in his cockpit.

"Admiral! We've got multiple bogies coming in from hyperspace!" called in the officer on deck from the Warrior. "It's two squadrons of TIE Defenders!"

Pete swung around to meet the new foes. "Scramble Sin squadron now, and get the rest of the wing launched!"

Pete, Hav and Theta meanwhile headed straight for the enemy. "Hav and I will take the flanks. Theta, you take the middle and see what you can do."

A couple TIE's went for Pete and Hav, but they were able to address them in the same manner they had just done before. Pete then swung back closer to the Warrior and took out another that was stuck behind LT SL8c8. Just then Pete's TIE shook violently and things got fuzzy and he looked up just in time to see the Warrior in his viewing glass a little too close.

Pete's TIE Guardian slammed into the Warrior and broke into pieces. Pete was pinned there and screaming, though no one could hear him.

Sin made it out of the Hangar and was able to help keep the enemies occupied while the rescue team came out for Pete.

Pete woke up on a bed in sick bay. "How are you doing Pete?" Asked Hav.

"Oh, not bad. I'm sure I'll be back in action in no time. Just a little stretch of my knees while I was pinned." Pete sat up and made to stand up. As soon as he put weight on his legs, he collapsed forward. "Ok, maybe it will be a little bit."

"We better get you to some bacta." Hav shook his head.