Let's Get To It

by FA Pete Mitchell

Admiral Pete Mitchell waited patiently in the hangar bay of the ISDII Challenge with a small contingent of men, watching a shuttle pull into the bay and land. As the chin opened up, Pete stepped forward.

Admiral Plif stepped off the boarding ramp and saluted.

Pete returned the salute. "Welcome to the Challenge, Admiral!"

"Thank you, Pete."

"I trust your stay will be comfortable. Are your personal effects on the shuttle?"

"No. This shuttle is mostly my notes with ideas for the fleet. My personal effects are on a second shuttle, it should be here in 23 minutes."

"Well, you wasted no time. Let me show you to your quarters while your notes are unloaded." Pete motioned to the men he was waiting with and they snapped into action. "Let me know when you are settled and ready to get started."

When Pete returned to his office, his intercom beeped. It was his faithful assistant CPT Cal Sinis that had been with him since he was promoted to the Commodore of the Warrior. "Sir, I have General Frown on the line for you."

"Again?! Tell him he cannot be the new Commodore of the Warrior!"

"He's asking why, sir."

"How about he is lacking in certain necessary skills. like leadership."

"I'll get rid of him, sir."

"While you are at it, send him a memo to the same effect, in triplicate."

"It will be my pleasure, Admiral!"

Pete just activated his data screen in front of him, when his intercom beeped again. "COL Blackheart for you, sir."

"Patch him through, please."

"Admiral, I have some ideas and a long term strategy I'd like to discuss with you."

"OK, Colonel, I have a little time. Give me the executive summary."

Half an hour later, the Colonel was continuing, when there was a knock on his open door and Plif's head popped in.

"Come on in, Plif! Horus, I'm afraid our time is up. I agree in principle with most of your thoughts, if not exactly in execution. We will continue this later." He turned off his comm.

"What's going on, Plif? Is there something wrong with your quarters?"

"No, sir, you told me to come by when I was ready to get started."

"Oh, wow. Well then, by all means, let's get to it!"

Pete gave a slight wave of his hand towards the door, and it closed with a soft click.