The surprise arrival of an MC80 Cruiser and its squadrons of starfighters had caught the Warrior and its crew almost completely off guard.

Almost immediately, however, the entirety of TIE Corps Wing II was launched into action. Each squadron launched in perfect formation, one after the other. Each Commander announced the arrival of their squadron on the scene with the same precision.

"Kappa, standing by."

"Psi, standing by."

"Sin, standing by."

"Rho, standing by."

"Sigma, standing by."

Meanwhile, the Theta Commander, Mark Schueler, was steering the affectionately named 'Bus' landing craft. Theta were rarely called into direct action; they were technically an assault squadron but the reality was that they were a group of combat hardened veterans who often had other jobs within the fleet.

"Right. Flights II and III, you know what to do. You've all done it dozens of times before. I'll be back soon," Schueler ordered.

The remainder of Wing II's pilots looked on aghast as Theta's Commander disappeared into hyperspace. A few cursed under their breath; they were largely far too professional to say anything unpleasant, at least out loud.

The element of surprise had allowed the Rebels to form into an almost optimal attack pattern. A-Wings led the way, ready to eliminate fighter cover, with B-Wings hanging back ready to perform a bombing run. As usual, some X-Wings flew in the middle, ready to do exactly as the situation demanded. The Cruiser stayed well back, out of the range of the Warrior's turbolasers.

"Give them hell, Wing II!" ordered Gilbert H. Frown, the Warrior's Wing Commander.

Meanwhile, in one of the X-Wings, Pellaeon, the TIE Corps' Strategic Operations Officer, smiled. He was delighted to see how quickly the pilots of the Warrior had got themselves into action. When the real attack came, he felt, they'd easily be ready.

That's enough. Let them get within five klicks of the Cruiser, then tell them it's a stunt. Pell thought.

Space was soon filled with hypens of deadly plasma. The 'Rebel' ships, in reality piloted by droids, did their best to simulate actual enemy tactics, but the TIE Corps pilots seemed fully prepared for everything they could try. With only a handful of losses, Wing II quickly took control of the area.

The Missile Boats of various squadrons were just about to launch their magazines of torpedoes and rockets when Pellaeon switched his X-Wing's comms system to the Warrior's channel.

"All pilots, cease! You've done well very out there. I'd just like to question where Colonel Schue-" the Admiral began. Cutting himself off when he saw a second Imperial-II Star Destroyer decelerate from hyperspace. To his horror, he saw that it had hypered in on top of the Cruiser, and immediately started demolishing the ship with its turbolasers.

"This is Admiral Mark Schueler of the Colossus. Here with backup," Mark announced, smiling from the bridge of his flagship as it finished off the 'enemy' cruiser.

Wing II had won the day, but the lead ship of the so-called Logistics Task Force had a fair bit of explaining to do.