It's done! It's finally done!

At long last, I've completed the formatting of the Raise the Flag submissions to present here in the newsletter. On the left, you'll find over 30 works of fiction and around 60 graphic submissions crafted during our biggest competition of the year, not just for points but for the benefit of the Corps and the desire to bring victory to their home ships and squadrons. I hope they all felt like they put their best effort forward and proved themselves to be team players, because I think you can see that reflected in the effort on display here.

Since these works were first put together, several of the creators have earned rank promotions (congratulations!). Here in the newsletter, I presented each item with the rank under which it was submitted.

In producing the newsletter, I took some time to try to make things look as much like they did when they were submitted and had a few opportunities to clean up some spelling and grammar. As always, we try to judge a work based on the ideas it's trying to convey as opposed to the fine details that don't really matter in the big picture. Hopefully, dear reader, you'll find something in these pages that brings you joy or inspires you to create something yourself.

Which brings us to the idea of the next issue of the newsletter, which won't be as jam-packed with competition submissions though I think we'll have a few of those too. We have another Star Wars movie coming to us this December, so I intend for the next issue of the newsletter to arrive shortly before it. Once we've all seen the movie and can enjoy talking about it openly without spoiling it for each other, the next issue of the newsletter in March will be ready to publish those thoughts.

In the meantime, there's a lot here to peruse and discuss. If you see something you like, I encourage you to reach out to the creator and let them know!


Admiral Plif