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The TIE Interceptor MKIII-A
Designed by VA Hawkins

The TIE Interceptor has been a faithful and battletested fighter for the Empire and EH. Many of the EH's support fleets and system defence forces still use the Interceptor hull as a standard fighter unit. However, even the upgraded MKII, retrofitted with shields and made capable of handling beam technology, still proves lacking when compared with ships like the TIE Advanced.

The Interceptor MkIII has been designed to be a more versatile craft. In appearance, it is similar to the standard design except that the wings have been inverted, with the wings bending outwards rather than inwards. This improves the pilot's field of vision. The 'folds' are adjustable, and can be retracted to appear more like the standard Interceptor design. This is for storage purposes, as it means any ship carrying standard Interceptors needs no further modification, and provides a reduced profile when jumping to hypserspace (in a similar way to X-wing or B-wing foils). Unlike the retrofitted MKII, the MKIII Interceptor systems are all build in to the main design - shields, warhead launchers, hypserspace drive and beam capability. This necessitates the use of more powerful engine generators, but such technology is now common amongst the more advanced fighters and the expense of such systems is falling rapidly. These engines allow the MKIII to nearly match the TIE Advanced for speed, although not quite!

The MKIII Interceptor has been further adapted by the replacement of two of the Laser Cannons with Ion Cannons. Whilst this reduced the total damage output, the ability to quad link the four cannons means shields, hull and electronic systems can be damaged simultaneously. This gives the MKIII the versatility of the Gunboat, but with the speed and maneuverability of the Interceptor. This vessel will be the EH's most versatile standard fighter, able to take on the roles usually expected of far more expensive super-fighters such as the TIE Defender. It is capable of flying all the standard TIE Interceptor missions; Assault, Close Support, Strike, Escort; but can also fulfil Interdiction and Reconnaissance roles.


Speed: 110 MGLT
Maneuverability: 104 DPF
Laser: 2 SFS L-s9.3 Lasers, 2 Borstel NK-3 Ion Cannons
Warhead: 2 SFS M-g-2 (8 Warheads)
Shields: Novaldex Shields (40 SBD)
Hull:16 RU
Missions: Assault, Close Support, Strike, Escort, Interdiction, Reconnaissance