Welcome to the second edition of The Commodore! This quarter, we've got some great submissions on display.

  • HA Dempsey sent in a recap of The Hammer's February Frenzy, the shipwide competition she ran over the course of the month.

  • From VA Hawkins, we've got a news story about the recent shenanigans aboard the Warrior, an update on his X-Wing in TIE Fighter project, and a new model of TIE fighter he developed. Excellent stuff!

  • COL Frown has something important to bring to our attention. More about that in his address.

  • From LC Len Eode's Screenshot Story Time competition, we're presenting the two fiction submissions. They're both great reads!

  • COL Wraith captured a pair of videos from the alpha version of Star Citizen for us.

  • I put in a couple of submissions myself with a recap of the Warrior's activities since last time and a review of the latest Star Wars movie.


Admiral Plif