Telegram Introduction by VA Plif

Recently, the Emperor's Hammer started up several Telegram channels to add another flexible and easy-to-configure way to communicate with other members. Our Logistics Officer, AD Mark Schueler, put together our TIE Corps channel and we've had a lot of great discussions there.

Telegram is a communications platform focused on speed and security, and it's completely free to use. The setup process involves using a mobile phone number to match to an account, and from there text messages are used to facilitate the login process as opposed to a username and password. Telegram can be accessed from the web or by apps in both iOS and Android. The web version requires no plugins or extensions, making it extremely easy to access.

Telegram works a lot like IRC, but with the added ability of being able to see the messages that have been sent while you weren't logged in. This way, you can keep track of the conversation even if you're not online to see it happen!

Having more members involved with chat makes the platform even more valuable to us, so if you haven't signed up, we highly encourage you to try it out.

To give an example of our shenanigans and a visual for the interface, here's a screenshot of the web version: