Welcome to the first edition of The Commodore! After thinking about a way to bring back the Letter of Achievement, I asked if we could change it to be a subgroup-level award and start up a TIE Corps newsletter. That plan was approved, and here we are!

Highlights in our first edition include an interview with Guy Siner, the voice of the briefing officer from TIE Fighter. RA Hawkins did a magnificent job of contacting the actor and asking him a few questions! We've also got a few fiction submissions, a couple of graphics, and a few op-ed pieces written by leaders from around the Corps.

RA Hawkins was also the submitter of the name for the newsletter, which I'd like to talk a bit about. When submitting it, he wrote that the "newsletter would be a pseudo-Commodore in aspect - a font of knowledge, an overseer of TC actions and rewarding the pilots of the TC by celebrating their actions". I think that's quite appropriate, so it was my favorite when the voting process began and it proved to be a favorite among the other admirals as well. Hawkins also submitted the logo you see above, which pairs the Imperial crest with the real-world logo for Commodore computers. Well done, Hawkins!

For the next edition, which is slated for March, I'll be looking for more graphics to flesh out the format as well as new submissions to be published, of course. If you've got some ideas for the newsletter, please let me know.

COM/VA Plif/ISDII Warrior