Sigma Weekly Fiction #5-6 by MAJ Len Eode

Previously in Sigma Weekly Fiction:

After confiding in Spiffy that his secret wife was killed while trying to chase the mole that Kappa and Sigma are trying to locate, Len and his Squadron now prepare for their strike against the New Republic.


*Two Parsecs from the ISDII Warrior*

"Sigma 1-1, we read your location. We are detecting a small energy burst at your point 12. Do you see it?"

Len strained his eyes, "Yeah I got it Command. All Sigma units, disable the craft and Sigma 2-1 start your trace."

Eight responses of "yes sir" filled Len's helmet as he rolled his craft in the way of the holoship's path. This time it took on the form of a Longprobe Y-Wing.

He put on his best command voice, "Unidentifed Y-Wing, this is Captain Len Eode of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. Hold your position and prepare to be scanned."

There was no response,no surprise, Len thought.

Spiffy broke the silence, "Len I've got three ships coming in at point 04."

"I've got four ships coming at point 10," Exar called out.

Len took a breath, "Flight One, we have to cover Crix. Stay close to him and only shoot at anything within 100 meters of him. Flight Three, use your missiles to take out any more that come in."

Each TIE Advanced broke formation and found a target. Len slid behind the first X-Wing that came in, synching his lasers, he fired three times and the enemy ship burst into a fireball, which the commander had to pull up hard to miss. While he pulled up, Major Valic nosed down into what was left of the formation, trying to make their first pass at Crix. General Exar Kit came in from the left of the formation and Commander Lanil Jast from the right. Each pilot destroyed one of the remaining three X-wings with a wall of green fire.

"Nice shooting boys!" the proud Squadron Commander exclaimed.

Spiffy grinned in his helmet, "Len, I've got seven soon to be 2 coming in at..point 03."

"Take them," Len banked towards the first flight of three, "Valic and Exar, with me. Lanil come up from underneath, set your missile for wide yield."

Lanil dropped below the battlefield as Valic and Exar came to 10 meters off of each of Len's solar panels.

"Lock on to the craft in front of you," Len commanded, "it looks like they are trying to lock onto Crix. When you have a solution, hold for my orders. Then fire one torpedo and only one."

Len flipped the switch in his cockpit to activate the Advanced Proton Torpedoes and then activated the tracking system. As he leveled out the system started to beep and finally became a solid tone.

"Tone?" Len called out.

"Tone," Exar replied.

"Tone," Valic replied as well.

The drone continued for a few more seconds, they could see the other fighters in the distance.

"Tone," Lanil replied.


A volley of 5 missiles went off and the three TIE Advanced fighters in formation broke in different directions as the torpedoes impacted into their targets dropping their shields. The shields fell just in time for the wide yield to destroy two and disable one. Lanil finished off the survivor as he passed by.

"Sigma 1-1 this is Sigma 2-1, I have the location and am transmitting it to all of Sigma and Kappa. Standby"

Len let out a sigh of relief, "Excellent, everyone set your coordinates and prepare to jump."

He manually entered the coordinates that appeared on his comms display and hit the "sync" button, which transmitted the coordinates to all the other ships and locked them in.

"Sigma 1-2 ready for jump."

"Sigma 1-3 ready for jump."

"Sigma 1-3 ready for jump."

"Sigma 2-1 ready for hyperspace."

"Sigma 2-2 ready for jump."

"Spiffy... I mean Sigma 3-1 ready to go!"

"Sigma 3-2, punch it boss."

Len pressed the "Lock and Engage" button on the hyperspace control. Each ship turned towards the coordinates, then the stars seemed to move closer and then stretch as the Squadron entered hyperspace...and the history books."

*Ten minutes later, Location Unknown*

The stars shrank as Sigma Squadron dropped out of lightspeed and into a pitched battle. There were platforms and stations all around in various states of destruction and New Republic fighters scattered all over the place fighting Kappa Squadron.

"Len, thank the HYPE you're here," Repulsor said, "We've got the fighters, but there was a shuttle that followed us here from theWarrior, it docked with the central platform. We don't have enough fire power to destroy it."

"Roger that Rep. Spiffy, Crix take the flights and destroy it. Flight One, engage the closest fighters!

*New Republic StationEcho, Location Unknown*

"Sir! Four TIE Scimitars just entered and are headed right for us!" A technician yelled from his station.

Station commander Frozzen Klik swore, "Evacuate the station and concentrate all fire power on those bombers!" He turned to the man next to him, "Thank you for your services bartender, you should leave. I am sorry you had to get your hands dirty, but it was necessary to keep our true objective secret."

The forward Cantina Bartender of theWarriornodded, "She was a good person but she was still Imperial scum. I'll get over it. Has my payment been transferred?"

"We sent the money to your accounts on Imperial City, well former Imperial City."

The station shook and then a series of consoles exploded killing several technicians and operators.

"Get out of here," Klik handed a data stick to the bartender, "go to just outside Carrida II and meet up with the Battlegroup..."

An explosion rocked the station sending Klik across the deck before he could finish. Slamming a bulkhead he let out a groan when suddenly the wall exploded sucking him out into space as the bartender sprinted to the turbolift just barely making it before the emergency doors shut.

*Outside of the Station*

"Target destroyed" Michael said relaxed.

"Nice shooting. Keep a look out for..." another X-Wing blew up by Len's hands, "damn that's close...any ships trying to escape."

"Roger that sir," Spiffy replied turned his Bomber towards the hanger deck, "I have a shuttle taking off, scanning."

"Push that to Rep. Does it look like the one that was running from theWarrior?" Len asked.

Rep pulled through a loop and blasted the A-Wing that was now in front of him. Looking at his comms display, "Yeah that's him. Looks like he's headed for Carrida II."

Len banked towards a fighter on leocardio's tail "Stop him!"

Spiffy dropped on the shuttle's tail. Activating his targeting computer, Spiffy began locking onto the target. He fired a volley of three missiles at the ship, almost simultaneously each missile hit ripping a hole in the hull and then detonating inside, engulfing the whole ship in a fiery ball of death.

"Ooo, crispy."

Michael confirmed, "Shuttle destroyed, nice shot Spiffy."

Crix, who was running electronic interference for the mission checked his comscan display, "Looks like a burst transmission left the shuttle before it was destroyed...It was headed towards Carrida II."

Len circled around for another pass at the transport he was targeting, "Kappa we can mop up here, head over to Carrida II and find out what's going on. I have a bad feeling about this. Crix send a long range transmission to theWarrioradvise them of..."

Crix interrupted, "Sir, the Warrior just broke coms silence. It's relaying a general distress call from Carrida II. They are under attack!"

Len switched to the Squadron Commander channel on his commpad, "Rep, you heard?"

Kappa Commander sighed, "Yeah. We aren't armed for fighter to fighter, but we are close to the system and it sounds like they are in trouble."

Len looked at his fuel supply and switched to the Squadron channel, "Sigma as you've heard, the Imperial Military Base at Carrida II is under attack. I am sending the coordinates now. We must do whatever it takes to stop the enemy there. I know we are running low on torpedoes and missiles, the Warriorwill rendezvous will us on site. Each flight will re-arm when possible in the order of Flight Three, Flight Two, and finally Flight One. Leave no enemy standing. . ."