Sigma Weekly Fiction #3 by MAJ Len Eode

Previously in Sigma Weekly Fiction:

The pilots of Sigma Squadron figured out that the New Republic may be bating their squadron into fights they may not be prepared for. Captain Len Eode and fellow Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Repulsor of Kappa Squadron have learned that their Squadrons are being targeted by holographic ships for some nefarious purpose. We join the two commanders after their briefing 9 days ago.


*ISDII Warrior - Turbolift #3 headed for Pilot's Barracks*

Both LC Repulsor and CPT Eode stood in silence, reflecting on what they had been told in the briefings. If they truly were being observed in their responses to threats by the New Republic, who knows what damage could be done. The turbolift stopped and changed directions.

"I don't know whether to be honored or not that they chose us," Len said breaking the silence.

"Yeah," Repulsor chuckled, "I just hope this plan works, so many moving parts."

"Too many if you ask me."

"We have to be three steps ahead of them, though if you think about it, this is more like a thousand..."

*ISDII Warrior - Zone 2 Level 30 Wing Briefing Room*

Colonel Frown brought down the house lights and keyed up the presentation for the briefing as the two commanders entered.

Rep stood up to the podium first, "Gentlemen. As you no doubt know, over the past several weeks we have been tracked and observed by unknown forces using some sort of holographic ships. Intelligence has noted that Kappa and Sigma are the only two squadrons that this is happening to. The purpose of this mission is to: Find the enemy holoship, target its source, and trace the signal back to the observation point."

Rep stood back and Len took over, "We will do this by simply falling for the normal trap they set for us. As soon as an unidentified craft appears on our scopes, Sigma will begin a standard attack run on the target, except for Sigma 2-1. Crix and his bombardier Chestang will stay back to tap into the holonet signal the New Republic is using to control the holoship. He will then relay the data to Rep who will then lead Kappa to the source of the signal. Sigma will follow right after."

Len stepped back, this doesn't sound so bad, he thought, this should be simple.

"Sigma will destroy the holoprojector/observer device before Kappa jumps to hyperspace. This should prevent the NR forces from knowing we're coming, emphasis on should," Repulsor said, "Are there any questions?"

The pilots turned to each other and whispered briefly, but no one said anything.

"Excellent," Len replied to the silence, "If there are any questions, you can ask either LC Repulsor or myself in the next 24 hours."

LC Tempest raised his hand.

"Tempest you have a question?" Rep said

"I do sir," he started, "Won't the New Republic realize something is amiss when they see both squadrons they have been watching appear together?"

"Good question Tempest," Len thought a moment, "We had been planning a joint exercise between our two squadrons for some time now. This mission accelerated the plans, along with the deployment of the Hammer to the other side of EH space."

Tempest nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer.

"Anyone else?" Rep asked, "Alright, dismissed."

Both sets of pilots snapped to attention and respectively shouted at the top of their lungs, "KAPPA HYPE!" and "THE SUM OF ALL FEARS!" at the same time.

As the pilots shuffled out of the briefing room, Rep, Frown, and Len stayed towards the front.

"He asked a good question Captain Eode, they'll notice something is off," Frown whispered with a frown.

"Yeah, but the Kawolski has to remain a surprise. We can't tip our hand that it's coming until the last second," Rep replied.

"I hate lying to the guys, but I agree with Rep. If there is a leak somewhere on the ship we have to make sure they don't know," Len shrugged, "Maybe we'll get lucky and not need it"

The three started to make their way up the aisle when a Petty Officer approached them.

"Sirs," the young man said to the group as he saluted, "pardon the interruption, but this came for Captain Eode. Priority One."

He handed Len the datapad, who keyed his code and read the message.

"Are you sure this is correct Petty Officer?" Len asked slightly stunned.

"Verified it myself. Do you need anything sent out, sir?" the NCO asked.

Distantly he replied, "No that'll be all, carry on."

As the PO ran off into the corridor, Len said his goodbyes to Rep and Frown and agreed to meet them in the cantina later. He went to his office, locked the door and brought up the Warrior's CommNet. He typed in the signal frequency manually from memory.


Len let some fear creep into his mind. He hit the "retransmit" command several more times with no change.

I guess it true then, he leaned back in his chair, she was gone...