Sigma Weekly Fiction #1 by MAJ Len Eode

*ISDII Warrior's Bridge Tower: Commodore's Briefing Room - 13 days ago*

The COM walked down the corridor just off the main bridge turning to the first door on his right. Colonel Frown was seated near the door, at his post, snapped to attention and called the assembled squadron commanders to attention. VA Plif walked over to the podium opposite Frown's seat and placed his code cylinders into the panel on the podium. The door sealed shut and the light above it turned red.

"Gentlemen, this meeting is classified: Level 1," the COM said with a coldness that sucked the murmurs out of the air, "Nothing, and I mean nothing, said in here is to be discussed outside of this room. What I am about to tell you could shake the Strike Fleet to the core."

The assembled commanders nodded, silently.

Plif smiled, "Now that that is out of the way, take your seats."

Looking down, Plif brought up the slides on the briefing screen. The lights dimmed and the pilots were bathed in the multi colored light.

"This is a heavily modified R-22 A-Wing fighter from Sigma 1-3's camera last patrol."

The slide changed.

"This is Sigma 2-1 and Sigma 3-1's shot composited together to give greater depth. As you will note this is allegedly a 'Pirate modified' version.

Changing the slide to a similar shot. In the corner the time stamp read Kappa 2-1 on the day when Kappa patrolled around the Warrior.

"Note the seemingly horrendous job of integrating the extra power cells on the outside. Intelligence assures me that that horrible job provides power you wouldn't believe to those blasters. Sections of Intelligence are also saying that they knew about this months ago, but did not pass it on to us due to some 'bureaucratic mix up'. Our ISB officer spoke with me and stated that more than likely it is due to a double agent/mole in Intelligence."

A murmur floated across the room as the commanders shared ideas.

Lieutenant Colonel Wraith spoke up, "With all due respect COM, why did they tell us this. We're pilots, not spies."

"A good point," the COM said stepping from behind the podium and raising a clicker, "this is why."

The grainy image of a man dressed in crewman coveralls handing a data stick over to another man wearing a large cape like cloak whos back was to the camera.

"The image you see here was taken 3 months ago during the NR's most recent incursion at a small way station in EH Territory. As you can see the establishment doesn't have good recorders. This is our target," Plif said using a low intensity laser to point to the man with his back to the camera.

"While ISB hunts their traitor in the ranks, we are to begin looking for this man. Every space port, every cantina, every single planet in the EH territories will be searched until we find this man. Colonel Frown suggest that this man, more than likely, has his own ship."

"Do we have any idea of what kind of ship he'll be flying?" General La'an asked, "I mean there's plenty of Galaxy and plenty of ships."

"If I know spacers who dress like him, probably an old beat up CEC transport, with plenty of guns," Lieutenant Colonel Repulsor added.

"All good thoughts gentlemen," Plif started, "Intelligence is working on the docking bay videos as we speak. ISB said they would forward me whatever they get as well."

Captain Len Eode looked up, "How can we trust either group, sir? ISB may turn on us and Intelligence may be feeding us false intelligence."

The Vice Admiral smiled, "Also a good point, at this moment all we have to go on is what both groups say. We need to be ready if something happens and Colonel Frown is walking through the reports with a fine toothed comb to find anything to be suspicious of."

The COM stepped back behind the podium, "You will all be receiving missions in the next few days, mostly patrols. Some squadrons may receive direct strike missions to keep our operations under wraps."

Pulling the cylinders out of the podium, the doors unlocked.

"Good luck gentlemen. For the Empire!"