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COO Monthly Challenge 2018 - February
Combat event ID#:124
Game platform:Star Conflict
Combat event date: 02/01/2018 (00:00) GMT - 02/28/2018 (23:59) GMT     28 days
Main contact:COL Silvius
Description:This Combat Event will be for the Distinguished Flying Cross for January. Your goal will be to submit a victory screenshot with the highest number of kills + half assists you can get in one round of and Star Conflict PvP matches. For this event, Assists are counted, but only at half weight and we round down. If a pilot finishes a match with 10 kills and 5 Assists, the score for the match would be recorded as 12. Submissions to this competition are made through the database like any other 24/7 LoC submission. While processing LoCs, the COO and COOA keep an eye out for new personal bests and update a shared spreadsheet.

When a pilot has won the DFC 3 times in a row, he cannot win it in the fourth month. His points will be tracked, but not counted for the Combat Event. For his efforts, he will be rewarded with a IS-SW.


no matches have been reported for this combat event

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