Eagle Squadron

Wherever the Starbird flies, the Blue bird of Eagle will be there to cut it down from the flagpole. Eagle Squadron flies with distinction no matter what banner she operates under. With the mission of infiltrating, eliminating, and ruminating within the New Republic, the primary craft - the Rebels' own T-65 - may seem unorthodox, but it embodies the spirit of the squadron just as well as the TIEs do for Tempest.

The pilots of Eagle are a motley crew, dreamers and tinkerers and bookworms, but underestimate them at your peril.

'Float like the Feather, tear like the Talon, and brave at the Beak.'

Eagle Squadron is a Wing X infiltrator squadron of the ISDII Challenge and encourages all forms of TC activity although you’ll find SWS, XvT, and TIE Fighter favored most among its pilots.

Theta Squadron

Would you like to be part of the a squadron with a long and successful history in the TIE Corps including 5 squadron Raise the Flag victories? Theta Squadron is just that. Made up of some experienced veterans, Theta is always looking for the next top pilot to join their ranks. If you want to be the best, join Theta!

Firebird Squadron

Like the mythical Phoenix for which it is named, Firebird Squadron represents the rebirth of the Infiltrator Wing from the ashes. Comprised of veteran pilots and eager new recruits, Firebird Squadron acts as an aggressor squadron to assist in the training of Imperial pilots, and conducts false-flag operations against the enemies of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. Firebird Squadron prides itself in having members skilled in everything from trivia to mission creation, art, fiction, and single-player campaigns and multiplayer matches across all platforms - X-Wing, TIE, XvT, XWA, Battlefront, and Squadrons, and more.

Spectre Squadron

Set aside for veterans looking for a more laid back experience, Spectre specializes in Corps-wide competitions as opposed to internal activities.

Tempest Squadron

So, you want to join the TIE Corps? Well here's the good news pilot, Tempest Squadron can back up their claim to being the very best that the TIE Corps has to offer. With every member boasting the medals to prove that they have stepped up and out flown their opposition.

Tempest's mission is simple, Deep Strike. We go where the larger ships of the fleet cannot and other squadrons do not dare. Where speed and surprise is the mandate and utter annihilation the goal.

Whether you're a team player in SWS, a lone wolf of the classic Star Wars flight titles or like to play game after game of Star Conflict. Tempest has pilots to join and support you. Boasting a roster that ranges from new, raw talent in the cockpit to grizzled veterans. During our off duty hours we partake in trivia and assorted other competitions too.

Across the galaxy when battles rage and conflict decimates the New Republic we are the Storm that heralds their destruction, the maelstrom that wreaks havoc throughout their forces and the riders who lead the Emperor's Hammer to victory.

Always remember... "We are the Storm!"

Gamma Squadron

Gamma is a recently activated squadron aboard the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Hammer. We are a young unit and re-establishing ourselves within the Imperial Navy. If you are interested in the challenge of forging a new identity for a legendary squadron then this is the unit for you. Our members play a range of games; the classic TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance as well as newer games like Star Wars Squadrons and EA Battlefronts.

Rho Squadron

Rho Squadron stands proud as a model of Imperial might, flying fearlessly into battle. The screams of our engines herald death for our enemies, instilling fear into even the most resolute of Rebels.

Our objective is Deep Strike: to launch surprise attacks deep into enemy-held territory and assault locations where the Strike Fleet cannot go without extreme risk of destruction or capture. With our TIE Avengers, we eliminate the hostiles cleanly and efficiently. The mission is completed, or we don’t come back.

We are the best squadron the TIE Corps can offer, flying all of the popular flight sims, including Star Wars Squadrons, Battlefront II, Star Conflict, and the classic Star Wars flight sims. Winners of the Raise the Flag 2020 and Chalquila Cup II fleet-wide competitions, we actively engage in numerous in-squadron and EH events, ranging from High Score shootouts, PVP, fiction, and trivia.

If you want to be the tip of the spear for restoring peace and order in the galaxy, speak to your nearest Imperial Recruiter and enlist in Rho Squadron today!

Lambda Squadron

We admit it, nobody thinks highly of us. We are the criminals and the leftovers of the Emperor's Hammer. Why else would they slap the "Lambda" Squad Name on us? Like many examples of history, we turned that on its head and are the leading Squadron in the Emperor's Hammer and most importantly we do it in style. If you are looking for your dose of multiplayer, single player or just outright fun hanging out on Discord, then join in. Uniforms are a standard issue, one-size-fits-all and must not be allergic to beetroots. (Disclaimer: Must provide own toothbrush)

Kappa Squadron

Are you looking for the fast-paced multiplayer action of Star Wars: Squadrons, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Battlefront 2 (2017) or Star Conflict? Are a fan of the vintage, single-player games such as TIE Fighter or X-Wing Alliance and want to play or even create new, exciting, custom missions? If so, Kappa Squadron can be a home for you! We have a mix of TIE Corps veterans and newer players that contribute to building a well-rounded squadron. We also have squad events such as trivia competitions and offer excellent opportunities for promotion and advancement. Kappa Squadron has a long and rich history in the TIE Corps and we're anxious for you to join us as the Rulers of the Stars!

Epsilon Squadron

Epsilon Squadron has a proud history as one of the first units commissioned within the TIE Corps of the Emperor's Hammer and activated in Jan '95. Their 'Psychological Warfare' role is to destroy the morale and will to fight of their enemies, striking at their hearts and minds in high profile and surprise assaults. Epsilon is used to operating in isolation or at the extreme edge of allied support, relying on individual skill to succeed.

Epsilon counts within its ranks players of Squadrons, Star Conflict and the older TIE/XWA series games - skill level is varied but commitment is high, so any pilot looking to play SP/MP solo or as part of a stack will find themselves at home here.

Sin Squadron

The old ones say we Sinners are descended from the Emperor himself. From the time a Sinner could fly, they were baptized in the fire of combat. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death on the battlefield in service to the Empire was the greatest glory they could achieve. When failure is not an option and the mission must be completed, Sin is the first to get the call.

Sin Squadron has pilots of varying focuses and is very active all across the board. From X-Wing vs TIE Fighter to Star Conflict to Star Wars Squadrons, Sin Squadron thrives in all these platforms. We are a well-rounded squad and take pride in what we do. We consistently place very high in Fleet-wide exercises and have a long history of excellence in competitions.

It's much easier to sin than to ask for permission. Look in the mirror and if you see a Sinner looking back at you, then you are exactly what we are looking for. Come and join the best squadron in the fleet and help us carry on the legacy of Sin.

Beta Squadron

The Empire needs you, pilot! When order is threatened in any sector of the galaxy, Beta Squadron is required to obtain space superiority. Are you up for the challenge? If you’re looking for a multiplayer community for Star Wars: Squadrons, Battlefront 2 or Star Conflict, you’re in the right place. More into classics such as TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter or X-Wing Alliance? You’re in luck as we have many custom battles for these games. Inspired to write fiction? Beta Squadron has a lot of stories to tell. Want to be part of the legends? Join us!