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  Strategic Operations Officer report #107 (05/22/2017)
This report was submitted by SOO-IOA-LOA/FA Pellaeon/TC-2/ISDII Challenge


Betreff:                                     SOO Report #107


http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngStrategic Operations Office Report #107

Date submitted 22nd May 2017
From: SOO/FA Pellaeon
To: TCCOM/HA Elwood the Brave
CC: entire TIE Corps Fleet

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Pell walks through the long corridor's of the Challenge along with his Command Assistant CPT Nolex carrying a pile of data pads. Woody wanted Rebel ships, Pell organized Rebel ships. Now it is time to inform him and the COO about the details.

"Sir, I hope the High Admiral will be pleased with our work." The his SOOA said.

"He will be Captain" Pell replyed in a confident way. "OK, here we are."

The heavy steel-plated door opens. The TCCOM and the COO allready waited inside. Pellaeon salutes.

"Woody. Junior."

Silvius squiched up one's face. He doesn't like the nickname given by the senior flag officers but it is true, he was the youngest member of the Command Staff.

"Pell! I hope you have good news for us." Woody said.

"I have. Captain? The data pads."

CPT Nolex gave everybody a pad.

Pell starts his briefing:

"OK gentlemen, my task was to organize a Rebel capital ship and some fighters. I had the good precondition that we are in the Phare system. From this system the Infiltrator Wing started in the past a lot of their missions. So my hope was to find here one of the decommissioned ships. After long discussions with the Logistic Officer about the costs reactivating it my next step was to find someone with the access codes. I convinced Colonel Rau Aznable for our project. He was the Commodore of the last operating IW capital ship in the EH. And here she is...."

Pell pointed to the briefing room's window. With the typical flash a MC-80B Mon Calamari Cruiser dropped out of hyperspace.

"Gentlemen, here is my baby. The Redemption!"

"Pell, you surprise me every day. Great work! Now we need a crew for it."

"Well, we got a basic crew. I recruited COL Aznable as Wing Commander. Nobody knows the ship better, except myself. I also was able to recruit General Dunta Polo, General Dax Corrin, General Exar Kit, General Jarek La'an, General Pickled Yoda, General Gilad Pelleaon, Colonel Den Dark Hill and Colonel Astin. All of these guys served on the ship in the past as are very experienced pilots. Only the Wing Commander knows some details, the rest of the Pilots are ony my list as candidates for the operation. The Redemption is also equipped with its full 4 Squadrons. Woody, here are your ships. Now it is time to tell me what the plan is."



Welcome to my 107th report:

We've finished the evaluation process of April, the last one is on the Hammer's COM desk and the approved awards awaiting their input to the database.

Additional to that all Medal of Communication were awarded too.

Just in time only 3 days after CM Hav Antiel's appointment to Sin CMDR, he earned himself a Medal of Instruction for recruiting SL Adwan Yokcha to the fleet. Well done Commander and welcome to the Fleet Sub-Lieutenant! Enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to ask over the newsgroup if you have a question.

Let's look at the awards this week in detail:


Medal of Instruction:
CM Hav Antiel

Iron Star with Silver Ribbon:
GN John T. Clark x1
COL Impulse x1

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon:
CM Michael LeRoy x1
GN John T. Clark x1
COL Impulse x1

Iron Star with Silver Wings:
FA Pellaeon x2
VA Silvius x1
GN Anahorn Dempsey x2
RA Pete Michell x1

Iron Star with Bronze Wings:
GN Coranel Both x1
GN Anahorn Dempsey x2
RA Pete Mitchell x3
MAJ Earnim Branet x1

Medal of Communication - diamond oak cluster:
MAJ Phoenix Berkana

Medal of Communication - platinum oak cluster:
GN Coranel Both
MAJ Xavier Sienar
COL Mark Schueler

Medal of Communication - gold oak cluster:
COL Horus Blackheart
CM Drake Starfire
LC Repulsor
GA Rapier

Medal of Communication - silver oak cluster:
COL John T. Clark
MAJ Shado Fenn
RA Pete Mitchell
CM leocadio

Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster:
HA Elwood the Brave
FA Pellaeon
VA Silvius
VA Miles Prower
MAJ Narven Task
CM Michael LeRoy
GN Anahorn Dempsey
GN Gilbert H. Frown
COL Plif
COL Hawkins
LCM Lucifer Scorpio Romanov
COL Crsepe
LT Rachel Drakon
GN Jarek La'an
MAJ Earnim Branet
COL Impulse

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngNew Uniforms

- CM Hav Antiel

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngSOO Competitions

TIE Corps on Recon - 2017:

Competition Medals:

- IS-SW/IS-BW for the 1st and 2nd based on combined score of all 5 game modes (weekly)
- IS-GW/IS-SW/IS-BW for 1st, 2nd and 3rd based on the points earned (points from all match types added together for the monthly part!)
- IS-PW/IS-GW/IS-SW for 1st, 2nd and 3rd based on the points earned over the entire year 2017
- IS-GW/SW/BW for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for every game mode based on the points earned over the entire year 2017


This competition is split up into multiple parts, all based on Star Conflict Multiplayer matches. The different weekly parts are split up based on the different match types Star Conflict is offering.

Here the goals for the 5 different game modes used in this competition:

- Domination/Beacon Hunt (counted seperately): 3 points per captured beacon, 1 point per kill, 0,5 points per assist
- PvE/Team Battle (counted seperately): most kills (Assists count as half kills)
- Combat Recon: most kills (Assists count as half kills), killing the Captain gives 2 extra points, surviving as Captain 3 extra points. There are "only" 2 points for the Captain kill, because there is 1 additional point for the kill itself in the calculation.
- Suvival, Capture the Beacon and Detonation are not counted for TCoR
For the monthly part of the TCoR competition a points system will be used. For each victory in one of the weekly sections of this competition the winner will gain 4 points, second gains 3, third gains 2 and every other participant gains 1 point. Even if only 1,2 or 3 TIE pilots participate in one game mode, the 1st place still gains 4 points, 2nd 3 points and so on.Those points will be added up until the last weekly SOO report of a month and then the monthly winner will be announced based on those points. The points are also used for the calculation of the overall winner of the year.

Every participating pilot that isn't eligible for a medal reward from this competition earns himself an TCoR-activity point for each match type he participated in per week.

10 activity points = IS-BW
50 activity points = IS-SW

After gaining 50 activity points, the pilot's points will be reset to 0.

To make a match count for this competition screenshots of the matches need to be send to the TIE Corps Strategic Operations Officer before the weekly report is released on Sunday. Only one submission per week, match type and pilot will count, even though you might send multiple screenshots to the SOO in case you manage to gain more kills/captures during a week than you've had in the first submission. Only screenshots for victories are allowed!

Everyone that wants to participate in this competition needs to submit screenshots himself. If in one match 2 TIE Corps pilots participated and want a screenshot for that match to count for this competition they BOTH need to send their screenshots to the SOO!

Tie breakers:

- most Beacons in Domination and Beacon Hunt; in case of the same amount of beacons, most pure kills will be the tie breaker
- Captain kill or survived as Captain in Combat Recon
- pure kills for PvE, Team Battle

Note that PvP matches against bot-only teams are not eligible.

Rankings - Week 20 - 2017:

Team Battle:
* 1st place: FA Pellaeon 2/30=17
* 2nd place VA Silvius 0/17=8,5
* 3rd place: GN Coranel Both 5/4=7
* 4th place GN Anahorn Dempsey 1/7=4,5

Combat Recon:
no entry

Beacon Hunt:
* 1st place: GN Anahorn Dempsey 3 caps (4/3)=14,5
* 2nd place: FA Pellaeon 3 caps (3/3)=13,5


* 1st place: GN Coranel Both 5 caps (7/2)=23
* 2nd place: GN Anahorn Dempsey 4 caps (4/3)=17,5
* 3rd place: FA Pellaeon 4 caps (1/5)=15,5

* 1st place: FA Pellaeon 63/62=94
* 2nd place: GN Coranel Both 32/15=39,5
* 3rd place: GN Anahorn Dempsey 20/22=31
* 4th place: VA Silvoius 11/38=30

Activity points:
HA Elwood the Brave: 5
FA Pellaeon: 46
VA Silvius: 25(+2)
GN Anahorn Dempsey: 39
GN Dunta Polo: 5
COL John T. Clark 6
RA Len Eode 1
MAJ Earnim Branet 4
GN Coranel Both 3 (+3)

Week 20 rankings:
* 1st place with 13 points: FA Pellaeon - IS-SW
* 2nd place with 10 points: GN Anahorn Dempsey - IS-BW
* 3rd place with 9 points: GN Coranel Both
* 4th place with 4 points: VA Silvius

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngTC Competitions

MP Co-Op Ace of the TIE Corps 2017
MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2017
TIE Corps on Recon - 2017
TIE Corps on Patrol - 2017
TIE Corps Vs. AI 2017
COO's Star Wars Challenge; Episode III
COO Riddle 2017
COO Monthly Assignment: SC: AI Wingman
Ace of the TIE Corps 2017
Elites of the TIE Corps
TIE Corps Propaganda Video

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngTC/EH Combat Events

COO's Monthly Challenge 2017 - May

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngCareer Awards Requirements


Dragoon - 100 points - ISM
Knight 250 points - PC
Aquilifer 500 points - BS
Executor 2000 points - SS
Imperator 5500 points - GS

Combat Rating:

Marksman 1st 100 points - ISM
Officer 1st 300 points - PC
Veteran 1st 600 points - BS
Ace 1st - 2000 points - SS
Tan 5000 points - GS


Private 1st 100 points - ISM
Gunner's Mate 1st 300 points - PC
Campaigner 1st 600 points - BS
Master Ranger 1st - 2000 points - SS
Top Ace Ranger 5000 points - GS

http://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pnghttp://tc.emperorshammer.org/images/tccslinkbanners/soo.pngSOO's Activities

Medals recommended
Medals approved
Competitions approved: 0
Uniforms approved: 1
Mail activity
played SW: Galaxy of Heroes
played Star Conflict
played TIE, XvT and XWA


That all for this week, CU all next week.

respectfully submitted:


Fleet Admiral Pellaeon, Strategic Operations Officer of the TIE Corps
SOO-IOA-LOA/FA Pellaeon/TC-2/ISDII Challenge
IC/GOE/GSx4/SSx11/BSx18/PCx12/ISMx11/IS-2PW-49GW-210SW-188BW-2GR-15SR-24BR/MoI-BC/MoT-1gh/LoC-PSx3-RS-TS-IS-CSx4/LoS-PSx4-TS-IS-CS-Rx3/DFC-BW-Rx1/MoC-3doc-3poc-3goc-3soc-24boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoAx2/OV-16E [GLDR] [Ace 1st] [Master Ranger 1st]

YT-1300 Corellian Transport "Krümelmonster"
Avenger Black Shirt